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Cross-Sector Internships

Luther Hodges Scholars is committed to developing future business leaders equipped to address economic and societal challenges present in today’s interconnected world. To accomplish this, the program provides scholars with real-world experience working at the intersection of the public and private sectors through hands-on internships that put their business skills and knowledge to work for the public good.

  • Cross-sector internships are curated cohort-based professional learning experiences. Interns work alongside scholars and professionals in the public and private sectors to make industry connections, develop hard and soft skills, and gain practical knowledge in chosen industry areas and fields of inquiry.
  • Typically, the work is project-based and takes place in-person at one of 4-6 field sites across the world. Scholars are fully funded and participate in biweekly virtual briefing sessions to reflect upon and share their experiences. Internship placements vary geographically and focus on topical areas at the intersection of business and society.
  • Cross-sector internships take place during the summer of the sophomore year. Interns are not considered permanent full-time staff, but like staff, have established work schedules, assigned job duties, and access to professional development opportunities.

The Luther Hodges Scholars program is committed to developing future business leaders equipped with the tools needed to address the timeliest, most pressing issues facing business and society today and in future. To facilitate this learning, the program provides scholars with a real-world work experience at the intersection of the public and private sectors.

In the fall semester following the summer cross-sector internship, scholars feature their work in the program’s annual Cross-Sector Internship Showcase. The showcase is an opportunity for scholars to reflect on their internship experience and provides friends and supporters of the Luther Hodges Scholars Program the opportunity to see the impact scholars are making across the globe.

Types of internship placements include:

  • Public. Internships with non-profit organizations where cross-sector cooperation is emphasized. Examples include state and local economic development agencies, public housing agencies, community development corporations, chambers of commerce, and workforce development agencies.
  • Private. Internships in the private sector or with businesses where there is a clear focus on the public good. Examples include corporate affairs divisions within corporations, private firms, community reinvestment divisions of commercial banks; corporate philanthropic, environmental and sustainability initiatives; and housing developers.
  • Academic / Research. Internships with academic or research organizations, particularly those undertaking work related to the Kenan Institute’s research focus areas.

In the fall semester following the summer cross-sector internship, scholars feature their work in the program’s annual Cross-Sector Internship Showcase. The showcase is an opportunity for scholars to share what they’ve learned and accomplished and reflect on their internship experience. The showcase provides friends and supporters of the Luther Hodges Scholars Program the opportunity to see the impact scholars are making across the globe.

2022 Showcase


Small but Mighty

This summer I worked with the Lyons Community Foundation in Lyons, Colorado to create a summer internship. In a town of 2,500 people, I was able to see how the foundation's summer concert series, fundraising efforts, and community projects directly impact the community. My two big projects were organizing the Summer Concert Series and working on the foundation's 2nd Annual Hootenanny, a community fundraising event.

My project specifically dealt with food insecurity in education systems at all-levels.

The National Housing Trust Community Development Fund (NHTCDF) promotes the long-term preservation of quality housing by providing financing to entities engaged in developing and maintaining quality affordable housing.

We are venture catalysts, accelerating impact through long term investments to expand skills, connections, capacity, and visibility.

Over the summer, I worked with JDRF’s Marketing & Communications team to expand the corporate development marketing portfolio, research social media metrics, write promotional sample copies, and develop ideas for National Diabetes Awareness Month.

Blended finance, which involves the interaction of the public and private funding, is key in developing in sustainable affordable housing.

KENAN FOUNDATION ASIA: A non-profit established in to inspire students, develop skilled people, and grow strong leaders in Thailand and the surrounding area.

In the spring semester, I interned with the Ackerman Center for Excellence in Sustainability and primarily worked in two areas: facilitating the LIFT challenge and researching the cycle of food waste.

+10,000 teachers take part in the Varkey Foundation's efforts towards teacher development. This is done by programming, legislation, and awareness.

Charlotte Community Health Clinic is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in Charlotte, NC. organizations improve access to health care to underserved communities.

This summer, I worked on various campaigns within EarthDay Network, writing informational articles for site visitors, creating content for social media channels, and gaining insight into the workings of a non-profit organization.


State of Affairs

Mission: Leading America's foreign policy to advance the interests and security of the American people.

Sabin's mission is to make vaccines more accessible, enable innovation and expand immunization across the globe.

Metro-INET is responsible for installation, maintenance, and procurement of computer network and telecom systems used by all of Roseville city's departments.

NCGrowth’s mission is to help businesses create good jobs and to help communities create sustainable and equitable opportunities for their people.

The Organization: Because Baseball is a Cairo-based NGO bringing baseball back to the Middle East and building bridges of friendship along the way.

Kenan Foundation Asia believes in a world where everyone has the right to build a better world for themselves, their family, and their community

This Fall, I have been working as a an intern for the UNC Health Foundation and the Lineberger Cancer Center. While my experience is just getting started, I have already seen the wonderful benefits that UNC Health and its subsidiaries are able to provide to the Chapel Hill community. In this role, I hope to continue to provide real value to these wonderful organizations.

Vital Voices Global Partnership is a non- profit that invests in women who are taking on the world's greatest challenges. This summer, my work focused on amplifying women leaders as they tackle climate change, human rights issues, political disempowerment and economic inequities.

Higher education has become expensive and complex. Emerging from the pandemic, many small colleges face declining enrollment and financial peril. Simplicity could be a key strategy for sustainable strategic positioning in the increasingly consolidated and competitive landscape of higher education.

Recreate is an Irish social enterprise that makes art materials and educational supplies affo rdable and accessible to every sector of the community for all kinds of creative purposes.

As Ireland's largest nonprofit Concern focuses our efforts on the following 7 programme areas working in 25 countries worldwide where our services are needed most - from the Horn of Africa to the Middle East to Ukraine. On my team we work with corporate partners and other major donors to ensure successful sustainable development in these communities.