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Mar 20, 2024

Finding Your Way with Dr. Kim Allen: Sharing Her Journey with DiversifyHER Podcast

By Raven Heyward, Class of 2026

I had the pleasure of Interviewing Dr. Kim Allen for my 34th episode of my podcast, DiversifyHER Podcast. This was nothing short of enlightening! Dr. Allen and I recorded our conversation utilizing the podcast studio in the Undergraduate Library. 

Dr. Allen’s illustrious path to success spans over two decades of leadership in education, community engagement, and nonprofit management. Whether rooted at UNC-Chapel Hill, contributing to the NAACP, or impacting change at the Martin Luther King, Jr. History & Public Policy Center, her unwavering passion for making a positive impact has been a consistent thread in her remarkable journey.

With all of her accomplishments I truly wanted to know what inspired her and what kept her grounded. She mentioned her son and love for education. It was a beautiful conversation the way Dr. Allen was vulnerable in sharing how she had her son at 20 years old and a sophomore in college, yet was able to navigate life as a new young mother determined to provide for herself and son. Her experiences serve as a beacon of inspiration, emphasizing the significance of forming connections and advocating for oneself in pursuit of success.

Dr. Allen’s recent certification as a life coach adds another enriching layer to her journey. In her leadership of the Luther Hodges Scholars program, she also emphasizes the importance of “finding one’s way.” Coaching can provide much needed guidance and support to sort through the many choices available which can sometimes feel overwhelming. Dr. Allen advocates for forming connections and self-advocacy, particularly resonating as a Black woman navigating life and corporate America. In particular, her coaching helps professional women who’ve said I’m tired and ready for a change.

In unraveling the layers of Dr. Allen’s background and journey, it’s evident that she has authentically “found her way.” Her narrative, intertwined with personal reflections, leaves a lasting impression. Her story transcends personal growth; it’s a compelling call to action for all listeners. Diversifying ourselves is not just a professional endeavor but a journey of creating meaningful connections and contributing to positive change in the world around us. As we navigate our paths, Dr. Allen’s story is a guiding light, beckoning us to find our way and make a lasting impact.

Listen to the full podcast HERE.

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