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Future Business Leaders Committed to Changing the World for the Better

Srilekhya Vennamaneni ‘23 hails from Hyderabad, India and is pursuing a double major in business administration and public policy. Her professional interests include working at the intersection of government and business to take renewable energy to off-grid communities internationally. Srilekhya decided to be a part of the Kenan Scholars Program to meet a like-minded community of people who are passionate about leveraging the power of the private sector for social good.

In addition to being a Kenan Scholar, Srilekhya was accepted to the Carolina Scholars program, works as a UNC admissions ambassador, serves as a teaching assistant for the Foreign Policy Association and is a business analyst at Consult Your Community. In the past, Srilekhya worked for A Million for A Billion and connected startups and corporations to villages in India to create jobs and accelerate employment. She also led the nonprofit’s efforts to start India’s first women-run water enterprise and showcased the project at the Activate Impact Summit at the United Nations. This past summer, she worked with Heart of Waraba, a nonprofit based in Asheville, to document the stories of successful sustainable entrepreneurs from across the globe.