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Jun 29, 2022

ESG Investing, Changing the Business World for the Better

The twenty-first century has marked the growth of the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profits.  What was initially a catchphrase used by the most environmentally conscious firms, the triple bottom line has become a priority for firms around the globe.  Rather than solely focusing on short-term profitability, the business world is looking to long-term wealth generation strategies that empower stakeholders.  The emphasis on firms to balance wealth generation with environmental preservation has culminated in the prominence of ESG investing.  Our research explains the widespread impact of ESG investing on the economy, the environment, company CEOs, company stakeholders, and society, at large.  Rather than being viewed as a mandatory box to be checked off, modern business is beginning to leverage ESG investing to generate substantial wealth.  Below, our research explores how the business world shifted their perspective and sees ESG investing as a lever for lasting financial growth and the health of society and the environment.  While literature supports the notion that ESG investing has produced sizable returns for investors, our research also identifies potential confounding variables and gaps in the literature to ensure ESG investing is not being given undue credit. 

Group Project under the direction of Dr. Larry Chavis

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